1. What does SportUnderwriters.com charge as commission?

Commission from 10% up to 15% and is subject to risk and volume.

2. Do I need a contract to do business with SportUnderwriters.com?


3. Do I need to register as broker before I can purchase insurance?

Yes, a broker’s number is required before you can bind coverage with SportUnderwriters.com.

Click here to register as a broker.

4. Once I complete my application, when will I get my insurance quote?

Unless the application information provided is exceptional, you should receive a quote by email within minutes of submitting your application. Exceptional cases include the indication of a standard policy exclusion, or, for example, on the Sports (or Events) application, “Other” being specified as a sport (activity).

5. If my client has an event where many different recreational activities will be played, which sport should I choose on the application?

If you are looking for insurance coverage for a multi-sport event, such as a summer camp, choose one sport that will be played there, and then use the drop-down menu to add the remaining sports.

6. I can’t find the exact sport I want to insure. What do I do now?

When filling out the general sports or events application, choose the “Other” option if you can’t find a sport/event on our list that one you want to insure. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

7. What if I need help or have questions that aren’t answered here?

We’re pleased to provide email and telephone support at [email protected] and 1-833-636-3939.

We’ll try to return your call within 2 hours on the same day (weekdays only) to answer any questions you might have.